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Released: 13 Oct 2021 by Booktrail Agency

An overly lovable elf that goes from fun and stylish to the first necromancer. Witness the events that caused the massive change as the hatred coupled with loss of self control builds upon itself through countless conflicts.

Necromancers are in most major movies and stories and are always depicted as evil. Ever wonder how necromancers got that way? Watch as the story unfolds of the very first necromancer is created through life struggles and conflicts from constant contention and from within her own self.

Nekora Mancer, a wood elf adopted at birth, a fun loving, gossip mongering, jokester that loves to fight as hard as she plays. Always teasing her best friend Thorn to get a good laugh. She mentors and coaches him to be the best, as she is the best. Hidden magical talent always gives her the edge.

Through events outside of her control, the dark elves (Drow) find her kingdom and destroy it, killing most of the populace including her parents, the king and queen. Her quest for revenge begins to test her mentality and self control but struggles to be the nice loveable elf she once was.

She looks for a new place to live but finds it difficult to survive. Her new place is an abandoned kingdom/cemetery. Always at odds with the pestering humans from departure to settling, she slowly starts to lose her clarity and focus. Thus, she learns of controlling the undead to help her enact revenge against the evil humans. Her name was used to define the art of necromancy, and she even renamed her new kingdom Nekorapolis, later renamed to Necropolis for ease of flow.

Ask yourself, who is the evil one?

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